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If you listened to us through Sky, there's some changes you need to know about. ...more

Happy Birthday to the Disability Discrimination Act

4th Mar 2015

It's now 20 years since the inception of the Disability Discrimination Act, now the Equalities Act. ...more

What can we expect from the Apple Watch?

2nd Mar 2015

The Apple Watch looks like being released in April, but what can we expect from it? ...more

What Would Make Life Easier For Older VI People?

25th Feb 2015

PHD students wants your help... ...more

Tesco's Mum Of The Year

17th Feb 2015

mum-of-three recognised for her fundraising work ...more

Can You Help RNIB Trial A New Audio Description APP?

11th Feb 2015

RNIB to trial a new way in delivering audio description ...more

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