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RNIB NI Welcome The Voice UK Winner Andrea Begley As Ambassador

29th Jul 2015

Andrea Begley joins RNIB as an ambassador for the charity in Northern Ireland. ...more

App Makes Tourism More Accessible For Visually Impaired People

28th Jul 2015

The Smart phone in your pocket is opening up accessible activities for blind and partially sighted people who visit Edinburgh. ...more

Bionic Eye Allows Man To See Again

22nd Jul 2015

A partially sighted man's been given a bionic eye to restore his central vision for the first time in nearly a decade. ...more

Terence Stamp reads for Talking Books

21st Jul 2015

Listen to the iconic actor read his memoir 'Stamp Album' ...more

What's It Like To Work For RNIB?

21st Jul 2015

Hear from the people behind the sight loss charity RNIB. ...more

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