Blind Yoga

Every weekday from 6:30am get into the zone with Yoga for blind and partially sighted people.

While Yoga is a practice that integrates all of the senses as a means to being present, it does not mean that a disability in one of the senses makes a person any less able as a practitioner.

When one of our senses that receives information from the outside world is at all diminished, it provides the opportunity to more fully concentrate on the others. In some ways, this actually facilitates the practice of Yoga, which asks of us to draw our attention inward, a fitting practice.

Partners in teaching and life, Marty Klein and Gretchen Hein united to create this instructional series when they recognized the dearth of attention in the Yoga community given to teaching those who are not able to rely on visual cues.

Klein lost his sight when serving in US Air Force during the Vietnam era. He subsequently sought out theories, groups and practices focused on health and well-being, studied massage and became a licensed massage therapist and then began his Yoga practice in the mid-80s. In his massage practice, Klein noticed the physical tension carried in the bodies of visually impaired people who walk through their day not knowing if their next step will bring an undesirable surprise.

As a result, Klein and Hein created this Yoga tutorial with the intention of providing tools for people who are visually impaired to lessen their physical and mental tension through Yoga practice.

Tune in every weekday morning for some relaxing music and guided positions for you to try, but remember to consult with your doctor before embarking on any exercise programme.

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