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Fergi Chilvers
Marvellous, out camping and found this , three favourite tunes one after other thanks
Mike Jones
Pure 80s on a Friday starts the weekend off for me.
Having worked all week, it is so good to tune in, unwind and relax to 80s songs.
Most definitely my favourite decade of music.
Thank you all very much!

DJ country
Found Steven Scott real country when browsing free view. Just love the show some great music thanks. Will be making a reminder for Tuesday, Friday and Sunday shows
michael corbett
I enjoy your performances and greatly admire your good work!
Lynn Docherty
I very much enjoyed talking to Allan about Guide Dog Troy's retirement today! I am sure Troy will have a fabulous retirement! We all deserve a good, long, happy retirement!

Jill Evans
I have just finished listening to Gary's Sunset Melodies with a really lovely selection of music for Remembrance Day. I was particularly moved by the poem read out and the choicest of music I found was very clever. The recent tragedies in Paris last week made this show particularly emotional for me, especially as my sister once lived in Paris. Thank you very much Insight Radio and Gary on his lovely show. Lots of memories. Jill Evans.
david (disco), manchester
Hi everyone, I like many other's found you by accident on Freeview. I am sighted, though my eye's are getting bad (been trying to find out how to adjust the settings on my new Ubuntu computer set up. I heard Bob Dylan, then James Taylor, I was hooked. Notice you have audio books too so I'll have to check those out soon as I can't read a book without getting a headache. Cheers again some great tips too. Thanks again, so glad I found you.
Gary's insight and knowlede of such a wide range of 20c popular music is indeed impressive and it is presented in an easy going style.

A show that would not look at all out of place on any of the major established radio stations.

Well done!
Robert.@DepechistWorld Twitter
I have to say, Insight Radio since Feb. 2015 has given me such a better view of the world. Also, Jill Barkley herself has given me so much confidence just in listening to 'The Daily Lunch'. Jill, she's just so Bubbly and Bright!
Thank You!
Robert! ð x
Robert Twitter @DepechistWorld
Dear, all at Insight Radio!

I thought I'd post a comment, really just to express how, for the last 8 months, 'The Daily Lunch' alone has changed my outlook on life and how I look in on myself.
Before I first tuned in, I had been hit with hurdle, after hurdle. I just felt almost isolated and without my lovely partner I'd have been completely isolated.
After hearing Jill Barkley, as cheery and lovely as she is and having overcame as much as she has. It just really made me think and stand up and say, "I can do this". From then, that's my response to everything. I haven't lost all of my sight yet but, if I do it will continue to be my answer. That I can honestly say is mostly down to the buzzy, excitable atmosphere that Jill created and the kind of confidence she holds. In one word, Jill Barkley is just 'Absolutely-Fabulous'.... (Still one word!) ð

I'd just like to round of by thanking everyone in connection with Insight Radio and RNIB as a whole as you all do an incredible job that enables such a great number of partially sighted and Blind people to become as Independent as physicslly possible and it really does offer a confidence and self-esteem that I never imagined regaining after losing my sight in one eye and some sight in the other.

So, truly from the bottom of my heart,

Yours Sincerely,
Robert! (Twitter- @DepechistWorld) ð

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