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Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

Read by Liza Ross

This is the story of a girl called Fern who loves a little pig called Wilbur And of how Wilbur's dear friend Charlotte A Cavatica, a beautiful grey spider, saves Wilbur from the usual fate of nice fat pigs, by a wonderfully clever plan (which no one else could possibly have thought of)

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The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley

Tom, a poor orphan, is employed by the villainous chimney-sweep, Grimes, to climb up inside flues to clear away the soot. While engaged in this dreadful task, he loses his way and emerges in the bedroom of Ellie, the young daughter of the house who mistakes him for a thief.

He runs away, and, hot and bothered, he slips into a cooling stream, falls asleep, and becomes a Water Baby.

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